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  1. Proven 60% reduction in leaky gut in 30 days
  2. The 1st probiotic to protect its human host
  3. Actual formula used in multiple clinical studies
NAD+ Gold™
  1. Cutting edge fountain of youth in a bottle
  2. Improve blood flow and endurance, sharpen memory and focus
  3. Rapid uptake into the bloodstream
  1. World’s 1st and only patented mitochondrial delivery CoQ10
  2. Shown to be 847 times more effective than regular CoQ10
  3. More than $60 million invested in MitoQ research
imuno® – The Cream
  1. imuno® is over 100 times more effective than GcMAF
  2. Superior lymphatic drainage support
  3. Superior immune and mitochondrial support
Ki Vita
  1. Fruit of 25 years’ clinical work and research
  2. Blend of most effective herbs for Lyme and co-infections
  3. Wildcrafted, biodynamically grown herbs


I'm married with a Singaporean and have some medical background and was also a stay-home father. I use your products for my little boy and so far he’s always been in the pink of health. He takes mainly colostrum and Megasporebiotic. He loves it when I open the capsules into his food or mouth! Even when everyone catches the bug in his day care, he may have some symptoms, even fever sometimes, but we are surprised he is still running around and just as energetic as ever – and recovers so quickly. My mum who loves baking told me this is the only cacao she wants and she can’t find anything like it – and if you meet her, she’ll go on and on about it – and I realised how good it is for health as well due to how its grown and made. My little boy loves it so much too. The other nutritional products like the liposomal vitamins are very high technology and fast absorbing, and you can just feel it providing instant protection and relief – which is very much needed in today’s times. Thanks for selecting such a high quality range of products that truly benefit everyone!

~ Dejan Vlajic (Macedonia/Singapore)

Dejan Vlajic

I've long struggled with chronic constipation and my worst spells would stretch for up to a week! I've tried various diets and supplements to correct my problems including fermented foods and probiotics but none of them gave any noticeable results. After taking just one dose of Megasporebiotic, I started moving my bowels and since then I've been "going" regularly. I notice that my stools are also improving and overall digestion feels much better. I couldn't believe just one product could work so fast without any other changes - it is now my daily ritual to have my dose of Microbiome Labs’ Megasporebiotic!

~ Cheryl Lee (Singapore)

Cheryl Lee

I removed my mercury fillings a few months ago and was told to follow the Quicksilver regime after that
to detox my body. I’ve had dental infections, joint pains, fatigue, memory loss, stuttering of speech,
problems with concentration, and irregular heart rhythms disrupting my sleep for quite a few
years. After removing the mercury fillings, I instantly had a crash and felt worse. However, after
following the Quicksilver products, I’m getting better and better. I even find that my mood is better,
and my energy is improving a lot more. I am surprised it can work so fast. They are not difficult to
follow and just requires discipline to keep up and soon after, you realise life is better!

~ Corinth Chua, (Singapore)

Corintha Chua

"Root of my life" is one of my favourite health and well-being website. It carries sophisticated health enhancing products and solutions that are not commonly found in most stores. For example, you will find liposomal vitamin C for its superior bioavailability over plain vit C tablets or spores biotic which was a game changer for my gut health instead of the plethora of probiotics out there which I had tried. One of my current favourites is “Imuno cream”; a transdermal immunity solution. The website is a treasure cove for health seekers. The friendly founders are uber passionate about health and assisting people. I lost count of the numerous times they went above and beyond to assist me. My health improvements is a testimony to "Root of life" and its founders. Go check out "Root of life" and change your life for the better.

~ Joseph Wong (Malaysia)

Joseph Wong

My clients reported that their ASD kids have improved awareness, cognition, speech and
bowel movement after taking only one product - Megaspore Probiotics.
These results were observed between 1 to 3 months of daily usage.

~ Evelyn Yeo (Singapore)

Evelyn Yeo

Energy and sleep have improved along with mental clarity. Plus I have far less bloating and feel the Megaguard helps enormously too. The added bonus is that my hair is thicker and nails are noticeable stronger so hopefully that should mean the gut too.

~ Stacey Mann (Singapore)

Stacey Mann

~ Lin (Myanmar)

Avater Male
Shimana William

~ Shimana William (UAE)

Avater Female
Mala Pandey

~ Mala Pandey (India)

Avater Female

~ Ching (Singapore)

Avater Female
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