This is making all the headlines right now! But what happens to all of us who don’t read the headlines, or only just read the headlines after taking such drugs for a long, long time?

Do you know how much agony we might have to go through?

Or how much money we might have to spend to counteract the manifesting symptoms or health challenges that would result due to these drugs’ consumption?

We invest so much time and money to improve ourselves, to acquire knowledge in various areas like how to invest in stocks, do financial planning, cook our favourite recipes, travel smart or do prudent house renovation. Have we considered that maybe, this most precious body of ours, requires some erudition and self-empowerment? As we have, only in the last 100 years or so, felt safe to oursource our health completely to the statistically and anecdotally ailing conventional medicine and allopathic medicine industry.

While we still hold our respect for all professions, it is also time we respect our selves and the people who care for us.

The body doesn’t just become less fertile – that’s merely a manifestation of many problems and imbalances going on within the body. We know that hormones like testosterone are not just for fertility and libido, but for so much more like bone health and density, ability to lose fat, lowering the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and much more! Many of these healthful, steroidal, sex hormones are also needed for us to feel happy, compassionate – and deficiencies are very clear indicators of conditions like depression and so on. The same can be said for neurotransmitters.

Here are some excerpts from this article that is buzzing throughout the web:

“This hormonal imbalance produced compensated hypogonadism, a condition associated with impaired fertility, depression and increased risk for cardiovascular events, including heart failure and stroke.”

“There is evidence that some medications are particularly harmful to the male reproductive system, including testosterone, opioids, antidepressants, antipsychotics, immune modulators and even the over-the-counter antacid cimetidine (Tagamet),” she said. “However, prescribing providers rarely mention these adverse effects with patients when prescribing these medications.

“Rarely mention these adverse effects … ”



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