Frequently Asked Questions


Can orders be cancelled or modified after they are placed?

Most of the time, it will be a no. This is because fulfilment costs would have already been incurred by us when the order is prepared. It may be possible if you contact us immediately after your order is placed and we are able to respond to it in time before fulfilment prepares your order and have it picked up. Note that this is only on a best effort basis.

Can I place a back order for a product that is out of stock?

Yes you can. This function is made available for products that are frequently stocked. If your order contains a mix of in-stock products and back-ordered products, we will ship out your order only when all back-ordered products are back in stock. Contact us immediately if this is not the arrangement you want.

How do I track my order?

For international shipments, shipment tracking information will be available to you as long as you provide an accurate email address.

I am dissatisfied with my order, can I get a refund?

A refund will be processed on the grounds of visible damage to the product or if the product delivered is not the one ordered i.e. mistake in delivery. You will need to provide photos for us to verify and process your refund.


How long will my order take to ship?

Most orders ship out within 1 business working day from the time they are placed. We use express courier services so for most frequently flown routes/countries/lanes like in the U.S. – it takes roughly 5 days for you to receive your order. For countries nearer e.g Malaysia, other parts of Asia, this will be much faster (maybe 1-3 days).

Can my order be expedited?

The only way to expedite an order is to contact us before making an order to request for faster delivery services outside the standard ones (which are used for all orders). There is no guarantee that it can arrive in the time you expect - you have to wait for us to reply to you on when the ETA would be and when we would need the order to come in by. ETAs are also estimates and in the hands of the courier company – which is beyond our control. Note that extra costs will be incurred for special, faster shipping services. We are already swift in processing orders and the express services we use are fast enough for most people.

What if my order is confiscated, damaged or not allowed delivery by Customs?

We are not responsible for what happens at Customs. However, if your order is returned to us in good time, we will issue a refund for products that arrive back in good condition.

Product Related

Why does my product look different from the one/ones I ordered from you previously or elsewhere?

Note that we select brands and products that we have tested vigorously before they are officially offered for purchase. We are very confident of the level of commitment to quality and excellence behind these products. The difference in appearance of products, if any, is often due to the presence of natural substances such as herbs, and if you ask any good herbalist – they may not always look the same at different harvests – but what you can be sure of is the consistency of quality. Sometimes, formulas also get updated and improved on. We have experienced supply issues with these manufacturers where they were not happy with the quality of the raw materials and hence resulted in being out of stock when orders were placed. Despite that, they do not rush the process and instead ensure they are fully satisfied with the raw materials before production.

Do your products contain gluten, GMO or other allergens?

Our product range is gluten and GMO-free for sure. Read the individual product pages and view their labels to check for more information e.g. some are listed as crustacean-free, vegan or vegetarian, soy-free, corn-free, allergen-free etc.

Do any of your products contain alcohol and if yes, are they produced from corn?

None of them contain corn-based alcohol. Some of the liquid products contain small amounts of sugarcane alcohol, or organic, biodynamic alcohol from non-corn sources.

Do any of your products require refrigeration?

Yes. Please refer to this Storage Guidelines for Quicksilver Scientific products. For Microbiome Labs products, we recommend you refrigerate MegaPre, MegaMucosa and Mega IgG2000 powder upon receipt. For FODMate, MegaOmega, MegaGuard, Wheat Rescue, Mega IgG2000 capsules, ZenBiome Cope, we recommend refrigerating after opening, especially in warmer, and more humid climates. For all U.S. Enzymes products, we also recommend refrigerating them after opening. For all other products, follow the instructions on the label.