At Root of Life, we endeavour to serve practitioners
and their clients’ needs better.

Our product portfolio strategy is “lean diversity”.

What’s the role of a curator then?

We do not seek to be a platform that offers a few
thousand products with many overlapping similarities

We believe this approach adds greater value as follows.

Focused Product Expertise

This allows for more in-depth knowledge support for refining clinical precision

Reliability of Inventory

Patients can’t afford to have products run out for extended periods. We also store products in optimal conditions.

Better Prices to You

High practice overheads? Hope to help patients with some discounts? We want to support with better prices.

Advantages of Registering with Us

Dispense from Anywhere to Anyone

Drop ship seamlessly to clients and free yourself from logistical and administrative headaches.

Attractive Prices, Low MOQs

There’s no need to stock up with huge inventory and uncertainty to enjoy nice kickbacks and prices.

Build Your Own Dispensary With Bulk Orders

We cater to bigger practices looking to offer a wide range of our products with very special bulk prices.

Focused Resources

We continuously strive to support with in-depth product materials, scientific literature references, practitioner-targeted, quality content.

Direct Support

We are also responsive the good’ol fashioned way by email, messaging applications, and when needed, scheduled voice/video calls, and e-meetings.