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  1. Methylene Blue (Not for Human Consumption)

    For Research Use Only (Not for Human Consumption) Research shows that Methylene Blue is an excellent photosensitizer suitable for photodynamic experiments.

    SGD 78.00
  2. Diamond Heart (Strophanthus Extract)

    Diamond Heart is the leading Strophanthus extract that has been used successfully by Medical Doctors and Natural Health Professionals to treat heart issues at its root. One bottle on standard dosing lasts 80 days which represents incredible value!

    SGD 138.00
  3. Silica Max

    MMST Silica was developed in 1994 by Loïc Le Ribault, a world-renowned Doctor in Sciences who spent 50 years researching different forms of silica, in search of the most beneficial ones. Silica Max contains the most concentrated form of liquid MMST Silica packaged in amber glass bottles.

    SGD 69.00
  4. Despike

    Despike contains Masson Pine Needle (the species shown to have the highest anti spike protein bioactive content) extract and Taraxacum extract from Ki Science (also specially selected and tested for its ability to prevent spike protein to inner lining of endothelium) delivered in liposomal format.

    SGD 65.00