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  1. Taraxacum - Dandelion

    Herbal Extract

    Food Supplement

    Ingredients: Purified Water Ph. Eur., Taraxacum Officinalis root, Taraxacum Officinalis leaf, Ethanol Ph. Eur.


    Produced in the United Kingdom

    SGD 65.00
  2. Broccoli Synergy Powder

    Broccoli Synergy Powders is a great detoxifying and longevity formula, and particularly effective against retroviruses and protecting against DNA damage.

    SGD 85.00
  3. Ki Vita (100ml)

    Ki Vita is the fruit of 25 years of clinical work and research: a blend of the most effective herbs in the treatment of Lyme and co-infections.

    SGD 125.00
  4. Purslane

    Purslane mimics insulin and has great balancing properties for blood sugar. It works very much like Metformin, the drug famed for its anti-aging properties.

    SGD 64.00
  5. Cistus Incanus Tea

    Cistus Incanus has shown superiority in selectively breaking pathogenic biofilms, possessing potent anti-retroviral, anti-lyme and anti-microbial properties.

    SGD 50.00
  6. Coriandolo Plus (100ml)

    Ki Science's Coriandolo Plus is made with a carefully selected cilantro grown in a specific way, at a certain altitude and climatic zone for optimal detox properties, and prepared in such a way that it retains its full strength. It is a superior mobilizer of heavy metals and toxins.

    SGD 79.00
  7. Sweet Stevie

    Sweet Stevie contains a high quality, whole leaf Stevia Rebaudiana extract that not just adds sweetness, but also, potent anti-microbial properties. It was shown in a study on the most persistent form of Lyme to outperform triple antibiotic therapy!

    SGD 60.00
  8. Polmolo (100ml)

    Polmolo is probably the most relevant detoxifier today, as Aluminum has become the most pervasive environmental and dietary toxin. From geo-engineering chemtrails to vaccines to pretty much most of our foods - Aluminum has sneaked into our bodies at dangerous levels.

    SGD 89.00
  9. Ki RetroV Powder

    Ki RetroV Tincture is a complete, thoroughly researched and potent anti-retroviral herbal formula that’s ideally used in a protocol/regime. The presence of HERVs (Human Endogenous Retroviruses) and retroviral exposure from vaccines are a huge but widely neglected aspect of treating challenging and chronic disease.

    SGD 85.00