1. Cats Claw Elite

    Help maintain a healthy microbial and inflammatory balance throughout the entire body. This immune-supportive blend of cat’s claw, vitamin D, monolaurin and essential oils is enhanced with fast-acting liposomal delivery.*

    SGD 76.00
  2. Detoxadine®

    Superior Nascent Iodine Supplement

    Detoxadine is a deep-earth sourced nascent (monatomic) iodine supplement that is crucial for thyroid health, metabolism, detoxification, immunity, digestive health, and protects against radiation.

    SGD 60.00
  3. Ki Vita (100ml)

    Ki Vita is the fruit of 25 years of clinical work and research: a blend of the most effective herbs in the treatment of Lyme and co-infections.

    SGD 125.00
  4. Cistus Incanus Tea

    Cistus Incanus has shown superiority in selectively breaking pathogenic biofilms, possessing potent anti-retroviral, anti-lyme and anti-microbial properties.

    SGD 50.00
  5. Sweet Stevie

    Sweet Stevie contains a high quality, whole leaf Stevia Rebaudiana extract that not just adds sweetness, but also, potent anti-microbial properties. It was shown in a study on the most persistent form of Lyme to outperform triple antibiotic therapy!

    SGD 60.00
  6. Ki RetroV Powder

    Ki RetroV Tincture is a complete, thoroughly researched and potent anti-retroviral herbal formula that’s ideally used in a protocol/regime. The presence of HERVs (Human Endogenous Retroviruses) and retroviral exposure from vaccines are a huge but widely neglected aspect of treating challenging and chronic disease.

    SGD 85.00
  7. Pure Ki Liquorice (100ml)

    Ki Science's Pure Ki Liquorice is a great herbal solution for today's viral concerns. Beyond that, it also has anti-retroviral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties. It has great benefits for our gastric and digestive health health, and supports adrenal function. It is an absolute powerhouse in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a remedy for many ailments and used in many important formulas.

    SGD 87.00
  8. Andrographis+ (100ml)

    Ki Science's Andrographis+ is an expertly formulated and top quality herbal tincture targeted at the SARS-CoV2 beyond its many other benefits and antimicrobial effects. These herbs are selected based on scientific literature support and clinical experience resulting in symptomology improvements and halting viral replication in its tracks.

    SGD 79.00
  9. HydrOxygen

    HydrOxygen contains proprietary stabilised biomolecular oxygen that can be delivered extremely efficiently to organs, tissues, and cells.

    SGD 89.00