1. Bonothyrk® 60caps (Parathyroid Peptides)

    Bonothyrk® is a dietary supplement with natural parathyroid peptides based on the famed Russian peptide bioregulators by Professor Khavinson.

    SGD 165.00
  2. Cartalax (60 caps)

    Cartalax is a short-chain peptide that has tissue-specific activity on the cartilage tissue with direct DNA interaction. It is a first-class geroprotective and regenerative medicine.

    SGD 138.00
  3. Silica Max

    MMST Silica was developed in 1994 by Loïc Le Ribault, a world-renowned Doctor in Sciences who spent 50 years researching different forms of silica, in search of the most beneficial ones. Silica Max contains the most concentrated form of liquid MMST Silica packaged in amber glass bottles.

    SGD 69.00
  4. Original Quinton Hypertonic Professional

    Original Quinton Marine Plasma is the leading mineral complex harvested from a vortex plankton bloom in the Atlantic Ocean. With over a hundred years of clinical evidence demonstrating its undeniable efficacy, its healing properties have long been written in stone. It is the maximum synergistic and coherent interaction within this vortex amongst the minerals, trace elements, organic nutrients, microbes, RNA, DNA, phytoplankton and zooplankton that gives rise to its amazing effects - something which can never be mimicked in a manufacturing facility.

    SGD 198.00
  5. D3K2

    Quicksilver Scientific Nanoemulsified D3K2 – Emulsified Liquid Vitamin D3 + K2 MK7 Liposomal Supplement for Heart, Bone Health + Immune Support – Bioactive 2500IU for Enhanced Absorption (1.7oz/50ml)

    - Because vitamin D absorption can be impacted by diet, lifestyle, age, health, and genetic variation, NanoEmulsified Vitamin D3/K2 was developed to render both fat-soluble vitamins highly absorbable.*

    - Vitamin K2 can also assist vitamin D in keeping bones strong. This formula contains a highly bioactive form of vitamin K2 called menaquinone-7, or MK-7.*

    - Each 0.5 mL delivers 2500 IU of vitamin D3 and 90 mcg of vitamin K2. A serving is one pump. Each bottle contains 100 servings.

    - The difference is clear: this product’s clear consistency can only be achieved with liposomes that are small enough to pass between cells. The smaller, more stable vesicles begin absorbing as soon as they hit the mouth.*

    - This product uses phosphatidylcholine from purified sunflower seed lecithin. It does not contain gluten.

    NET WT 1.7 FL OZ (50ML)

    SGD 86.00