1. Detoxadine®

    Superior Nascent Iodine Supplement

    Detoxadine is a deep-earth sourced nascent (monatomic) iodine supplement that is crucial for thyroid health, metabolism, detoxification, immunity, digestive health, and protects against radiation.

    SGD 60.00
  2. Perfect Amino 150tabs

    MAP Amino Acids formula is clinically and scientifically proven to be the most efficient amino acid and dietary protein supplement ever made.

    SGD 79.00
  3. HydrOxygen

    HydrOxygen contains proprietary stabilised biomolecular oxygen that can be delivered extremely efficiently to organs, tissues, and cells.

    SGD 89.00
  4. CT-Iodine

    Provides both the iodine and iodide forms of the mineral in the optimal ratios and amounts

    Travels protected in the body to deliver iodine in the needed form to specific body tissues

    Includes Carbon Technology to bind and remove toxins that occupy iodine receptors

    SGD 60.00
  5. Silica Max

    MMST Silica was developed in 1994 by Loïc Le Ribault, a world-renowned Doctor in Sciences who spent 50 years researching different forms of silica, in search of the most beneficial ones. Silica Max contains the most concentrated form of liquid MMST Silica packaged in amber glass bottles.

    SGD 69.00
  6. Cu1 – MitoCopper

    Cu1 contains the world's 1st bioavailable copper, the patented Cunermuspir Complex, that boosts energy, immunity, protection, detoxification and more.

    SGD 89.00
  7. CT Minerals

    CT-Minerals contains over 69 naturally occurring, plant-derived trace element minerals and twelve amino acids in an unaltered ionic solution. These nano-sized complexes of chelated Fulvic Acid extracts can penetrate human tissue and blood cells easily.

    SGD 85.00
  8. Megasporebiotic

    MegaSporeBiotic is a probiotic blend of 5 Bacillus spores that have been clinically shown to maintain healthy gut barrier function and overall immunity.

    SGD 89.00
  9. Original Quinton Hypertonic Professional

    Original Quinton Marine Plasma is the leading mineral complex harvested from a vortex plankton bloom in the Atlantic Ocean. With over a hundred years of clinical evidence demonstrating its undeniable efficacy, its healing properties have long been written in stone. It is the maximum synergistic and coherent interaction within this vortex amongst the minerals, trace elements, organic nutrients, microbes, RNA, DNA, phytoplankton and zooplankton that gives rise to its amazing effects - something which can never be mimicked in a manufacturing facility.

    SGD 198.00