1. Mercury Tri-Test® & Blood Metals Panel

    Choose between our individual Mercury Tri-Test or Blood Metals Panel or select the combined test kit including the Mercury Tri-Test and Blood Metals Panel. The Mercury Tri-Test is the most comprehensive mercury test available. The Blood Metals Panel tests for 16 nutrients and toxic elements. Both tests can be used together for advanced screening.

    SGD 730.00
  2. DUTCH Complete™

    The DUTCH Test has revolutionized the hormone testing field. Whilst previous testing methods of saliva, blood, and 24 hour urine each had its fair share of gaps and strengths, the DUTCH Test encompasses all three in one with the easiest collection method of all, and more! It reveals so much more such as whether the body is clearing hormones efficiently i.e. through processes like hydroxylation and methylation, and even the amount of oxidative stress in the body.

    SGD 775.00
  3. KBMO FIT 132 Test (w/ Gut Barrier Panel)

    The FIT Test is a patented, multi-pathway delayed food sensitivity test. It uses new technology that measures both IgG and Immune Complexes (Complement Antigens), the most common food-related pathways in the body. It is the most sensitive food intolerance test which translates to accurate results and personalized dietary strategy mastery.

    SGD 800.00
  4. DUTCH Plus®

    Whilst the DUTCH Complete revolutionised the field of hormone testing, the DUTCH Plus takes it a step further with the added Cortisol Awakening Response to bring another important piece of the HPA axis into focus.

    SGD 980.00