1. Longevity Phyto Caps

    Longevity Phyto Caps is specifically designed to support healthy aging by facilitating better cellular function, clearance of damaged cells, and stimulation of longevity pathways. Each two-capsule serving provides a curcuminoid complex, quercetin, resveratrol, and trans pterostilbene in our highly bioavailable SEDS delivery technology for fast and efficient absorption of ingredients.

    • Aids cellular longevity and function
    • Supports a healthy inflammatory response
    • Helps activate sirtuins - longevity genes that support DNA integrity and healthy cellular processes
    • Supports autophagy and clearing of senescent "zombie" cells - old cell parts and dysfunctional cells
    • An ally in mitochondrial biogenesis and the actions of NAD+
    • Antioxidant support
    • Helps in daily detoxification
    • Offers fast and effective absorption of ingredients using our SEDS (self-emulsifying delivery system) technology

    SGD 120.00
  2. KBMO FIT Test

    The FIT Test is a patented, multi-pathway delayed food sensitivity test. It uses new technology that measures both IgG and Immune Complexes (Complement Antigens), the most common food-related pathways in the body. It is the most sensitive food intolerance test which translates to accurate results and personalized dietary strategy mastery.

    SGD 600.00
  3. Theraxym™

    Theraxym is a blend of 10 full-spectrum plant-based systemic enzymes in a proprietary mineral base which super-charges the effects of the enzyme actions. These 10 proteolytic catalysts are further enhanced with catalase, rutin and Astrazyme.

    SGD 95.00
  4. Digestxym™

    A high potency blend of 23 full spectrum, plant-based digestive enzymes designed to accelerate and support digestion and assimilation of all major food groups. Supercharged with Astrazyme®, making it the most effective digestive enzyme formula available.

    SGD 82.00
  5. Seaxym™

    Seaxym’s primary function is to offer respiratory and sinus function support, breaking mucus and biofilms. Its key ingredient Seaprose S has been shown to be effective with inflammatory venous disease for pain and inflammation.

    SGD 105.00
  6. SulforaXym™

    SulforaXym™ delivers pure standardized sulforaphane, the active compound found in cruciferous vegetables. This premier ingredient is sourced from broccoli sprout powder from local growers in the United States. Sulforaxym also contains myrosinase and AstraZyme® for added optimization of the Sulforaphane.

    SGD 102.00
  7. Lumbroxym

    Lumbroxym™ is a blend of the two systemic enzymes Lumbrokinase and Catalase with Astrazyme®, a proprietary blend that enhances enzyme absorption and activity.* Pure Lumbrokinase is difficult to source and a notably expensive proteolytic enzyme that has been shown to support cardiovascular and circulatory health.*

    SGD 105.00
  8. Membrane Mend™

    "Modern life is rife with factors that compromise cell membranes, also referred to as “the brain of the cell.” Without healthy, intact membranes, this can lead to whole-body dysfunction. This daily formula includes Phosphatidyle Choline (PC) a master cell fortifier, and vitamin E, and an age-defying antioxidant – all working together to promote the health of membranes throughout the body.

    NET WT 3.38 FL OZ (100ML)"

    SGD 95.00
  9. MegaOmega

    MegaOmega™ is the most comprehensive, full-spectrum fish oil scientifically formulated to support a healthy gut microbiome with a superior ratio of EPA, DHA, and the “forgotten” DPA, as well as naturally-occurring metabolites called pro-resolving mediators (PRMs) shown to support a healthy immune and inflammatory response. MegaOmega™ is specifically formulated with higher EPA content than DHA content in order to support a healthy gut.**

    SGD 89.00