1. Pielotax® 60caps (Kidney Peptides)

    Pielotax® is a dietary supplement with natural kidney peptides based on the famed Russian peptide bioregulators by Professor Khavinson.

    SGD 165.00
  2. Kidney Care

    Kidney Care was developed to intentionally target the health and regeneration of the kidneys*. Our proprietary blend of botanicals and nutraceuticals includes Astragaloside IV extract, Zhu Ling, Goldenrod, Dandelion Leaf, He Shou Wu root, Fu Ling, and Ferulic Acid to support healthy kidney function, drainage, and improved detoxification.

    SGD 100.00
  3. CT Minerals

    CT-Minerals contains over 69 naturally occurring, plant-derived trace element minerals and twelve amino acids in an unaltered ionic solution. These nano-sized complexes of chelated Fulvic Acid extracts can penetrate human tissue and blood cells easily.

    SGD 85.00