1. Milk Thistle

    Traditional milk thistle supplements may be held back by poor bioavailability. Our state-of-the-art liposomal delivery is a game changer in fast-acting support for detoxification and digestion.

    SGD 66.00
  2. Black Box II

    It is widely known that over time, the body can accumulate unwanted hormones, plastic-related compounds, mold, pesticides, and other environmental toxins.† This 4 week, 12 product program combines the ingredients to help drive an effective, comprehensive detox.

    Refrigerate Glutathione Upon Receipt

    Do Not Refrigerate Nanoemulsified DIM

    SGD 938.00
  3. BitterX

    Quicksilver Scientific Dr. Shade’s BitterX ‘Digestive’ Bitters – Fast Acting Liposomal Bitter Herbs with Advanced Delivery to Support Liver Detox, Kidney, Digestion + Gut Health (1.7oz/50ml)

    - This proprietary blend of four bitter herbs includes dandelion, gentian, solidago, and myrrh. Sweet orange essential oil is added for flavor and it can have a calming, uplifting effect.

    - These liposomal bitters are designed for enhanced absorption and nearly instantaneous effect.

    - BitterX is a stronger bitter combination than Quicksilver Scientific’s Bitters No. 9.

    - The difference is clear: this product’s clear consistency can only be achieved with liposomes that are small enough to pass between cells. The smaller, more stable vesicles

    - begin absorbing as soon as they hit the mouth.*

    - This product uses phosphatidylcholine from purified sunflower seed lecithin. It does not contain gluten.

    NET WT 1.7 FL OZ (50ML)

    SGD 79.00