Hyaluronic Acid Liquid


Ki Science’s Hyaluronic Acid Liquid is of a special molecular weight and dalton size which allows for sublingual absorption into circulation.  Apart from being great for connective tissue, joints and skin, it lures microbes and lyme out of their usual “hiding places” – allowing anti-microbials and immune cells to work on them.

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Hyaluronic acid helps to build our connective tissue and hence integral to our extracellular matrix or interstitium.  It is great for skin, beauty and joints as well.  Ki Science developed a low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid of just the right dalton size so that it can be absorbed completely sublingually and orally into circulation – which baits microbes and lyme out of their hiding places so that anti-microbials and immune cells can go to work on them.  The product can also be used on the skin and scalp for health and beauty reasons.

Recommended dose for oral use: 4 pipettes twice daily, away from other items. Keep in mouth until completely absorbed


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