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WOW Superfoods' Silica Acacia is produced through a proprietary method that results in a fine powder containing the highest bioavailability silica in the industry, monomethylsilanetriol, and delivers a staggering amount of elemental silicon per dose.

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Your body does not store silica… you must replenish it daily.

The main function of silica is to support your connective tissues, which in turn support your structure. Flexible arteries, healthy connective tissues, skin, hair & nails would be impossible without silica.

At birth, you have a limited quantity of silica that is depleted with age, in an irreversible manner. By the time you are fully grown, you will have used up to 80% of your silica store.

Having been forgotten for a long time, mounting research has thankfully brought back this alchemical and magical mineral.

Silica is the MOST important mineral to bone and joint health, and also aids greatly in the health of skin, hair, nails and the overall youth of the body. This is because Silica is what holds together the macromolecules that make up the connective tissue of the skin, giving it its three-dimensional, spatial structure.

As we age, we lose silica and the ability to hold these bonds in its optimal structure, hence resulting in “ageing appearances” like sagging, wrinkles etc. On top of that, our bodies will simply be unable to function optimally.

Silica also builds collagen and elastin fibres hence any deficiency results in a loss of elasticity, firmness and tissue integrity. With sufficient silica, collagen and elastin fibres are produced and restructured, inter-fibrillar spaces will be well maintained, and one will not be dampened by the effects of ageing.

While most components of our connective tissues can be naturally synthesised in the body, our silica stores deplete through age and needs to be replenished through its deliberate consumption.


Why is WOW Superfoods’ Silica Acacia Superior?

WOW Superfoods’ Silica Acacia is produced through a proprietary method that results in a fine powder containing the highest bioavailability silica in the industry, monomethylsilanetriol, and delivers a staggering amount of elemental silicon per dose.  This is an unprecedented formula as previously it has to be stabilized in high amounts of water – making it very difficult to carry around.  The Fibregum Acacia Prebiotic is able to stabilize the silica and releases it upon mixing with water – and also offering potent GI health benefits.

1gm of powder in water once to thrice daily – depending on needs.

What are the existing forms of silica out there?

Here are the types of silica supplementation found today:

  • Inorganic Silica – No biological use and might instead cause complications in our body.
  • Ionic Silica – Will crystallise easily in our bodies and not offer any biological benefit.
  • Stabilised Silica Complexes – Some do yield a bit of results, but due to high polymerization and reported negative effects, this is also not the most desirable form of silica.
  • Diatomaceous Earth – Predominantly a gut-based parasite cleansing substance with only a negligible amount of silica being absorbed into the bloodstream – useful in its area of application, but definitely not a silica supplement.
  • Natural Plant Silica Sources – Only silica-rich plants collected in Spring such as nettles and horsetail, to oatstraw and comfrey and more can offer some form of bioavailable silica when infused and consumed in teas, but these are only enough for users who consume them daily and often enough – yet the amount of actual silica wouldn’t be anywhere as near as supplemental silica.

Benefits of Silica

  • Bone Health – Silica is the most important factor in building live bone tissue through biological transmutation, which is the way nature intended
  • Joints/Cartilage/Tendons/Ligaments – Silica supports the formation of cartilage and also strengthens tendons and ligaments through its effects on connective tissue
  • Anti-Ageing – Silica is the undisputed #1 anti-ageing mineral being responsible for strengthening hair and giving it shine; reducing wrinkles, retaining skin moisture and elasticity, helping blemishes and diseases like psoriasis; and strengthening nails
  • Heart – Silica fortifies and helps keep blood vessels elastic and prevents/overcomes calcification of heart arteries. It also removes plaque formation
  • Mineral Orchestrator – Silica helps to organise all other minerals in the body e.g. guide organic calcium into the bone matrix, remove calcification problems outside the bone matrix (arthritic hardening, heart arteries hardening, kidney/liver/gall stones)
  • Immune System – Silica augments the immune system and is also known to help battle infections in the body e.g. yeast infections
  • Oral Health – Silica is needed for healthy tooth enamel and also calms the inflammation of mucous membranes in the mouth and gums
  • Lungs – Silica strengthens the lungs’ tissues and is good against colds and inflammation of the throat area
  • Digestive Health – Silica is a popular agent against heartburn, flatulence, and helps to promote the excretion of certain pathogens and toxins from the intestines
  • Cells – Silica plays an important role in cellular metabolism and can also facilitate weight loss
  • Mental Clarity – People with sufficient silica often find themselves with a clearer mind.
  • Increased General Healing – Silica is the #1 mineral for accelerating wound healing, accelerated recovery from fractures, and reduces scarring
  • Detoxification – Silica has a high binding capacity and is the #1 detoxifier of Aluminium, which is present in high levels in the environment, our foods, skincare, cookware and many more sources. It is also alkalising.
  • Anti-odour Properties – Odour is generated by the combination of chemicals released by the body. Silica absorbs the chemicals, binds them to itself and transforms them. This process disinfects the body and allows it to release less pungent odours


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