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Supercharged C60 is a specialized form of multi-layered fullerene nano-carbon structures at least ten times more potent than standard C60.

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Support your health and longevity with Supercharged C60 — a specialized form of multi-layered fullerene nano-carbon structures that act as a powerful antioxidant. It’s at least ten times more potent than standard C60. C60 has been used for years to support detoxification, enhance the body’s defense against the harmful effects of aging, promote a healthy immune system, and support cellular function. Supercharged C60 is a brand name for a new nanocarbon molecule that has demonstrated incredible potent antioxidant properties.

  • Supports Detoxification
  • Promotes Health and Longevity
  • Boosts Immune Function

What Is Supercharged C60?

How Does It Work?

Supercharged C60 has fullerenes, which include regular C60 and Supercharged C60. These fullerene-bonded carbon molecules have a curved shape and soak up free radicals. Therefore, Supercharged C60 acts like a sponge to absorb harmful free radical electrons and remove them from the body.

Health Benefits of Supercharged C60

Supercharged C60 is a potent, effective antioxidant formula that provides complete support for your body.

  • Support Detoxification – The micro-activated, multi-layered, and highly organized Carbon 60 supports the detoxification of toxins from your body.
  • Promote Healthy Aging – The antioxidants of C60 defend against free radicals that cause the wear and tear we know as aging.
  • Boost Your Immune System – Strengthen and boost your body’s defense system against harmful organisms to stay healthy all year long.


Top 5 Reasons You Need Supercharged C60

  1. Regulates Inflammatory Response – The antioxidants in Supercharged C60 are soothing and promote a healthy response to inflammation so your body can feel it’s best.
  2. Boosts Energy Levels – The antioxidant properties of Supercharged C60 and MCT Oil can support healthy energy levels and mental clarity.
  3. Promote Cellular Health – This formula supports and protects mitochondria — the cellular “powerhouses” used to create over 90 percent of our energy.
  4. Neutralize Free Radicals – Rich antioxidants help to protect your immune system’s cells and reduce the harmful effects of free radicals.
  5. Effective Ingredients – This advanced form of micro-activated, multi-layered, and highly organized carbon 60 is at least ten times more powerful than regular Carbon 60.


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