Broccoli Synergy Powders


Broccoli Synergy Powders is a great detoxifying and longevity formula, and particularly effective against retroviruses and protecting against DNA damage.

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Broccoli sprouts that are specially prepared to optimise sulforaphane activity are one of the leading longevity foods out there.  The isothiocyanate compound sulforaphane in particular has superb Nrf2 upregulation properties, anti-inflammatory, oxidative stress reduction properties.  It helps prevent atherosclerotic lesions, and thus has benefits for cardiovascular health.  It is also one of the most potent anti-cancer substance studied and may help restore adaptive immunity that has been lost.  Sulforaphane also helps activate autophagy and proteosomal processes (heat shock transcription factors).  Numerous studies have demonstrated the neuroprotective effects of sulforaphane.

On top of that, it has great anti-retroviral activity and protective of DNA damage.


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