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Cistus Incanus has shown superiority in selectively breaking pathogenic biofilms, possessing potent anti-retroviral, anti-lyme and anti-microbial properties.

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Ki Science’s wild Sardinian Cistus Incanus is truly a gem and gift to the world of anti-microbials.  It grows wild in weather conditions that make it develop robust character that is imparted through it’s plant adaptogens and polyphenols.  Apart from being in a pristine location near the ocean where we can expect mineral-dense growing conditions, the biodynamic and family-tradition processing methods without the use of machinery, solvents and any temperature manipulation is what retains the herb’s full properties.

Growing wild means definite exposure to insects and their potential residue on the plants – yet the natural cleaning process ensures absolute purity and hygiene after – whilst great care is taken to select the right leaves, stems and flowers – each of which are separately cleaned and set aside – before putting them together in the right ratios and proportions for the end product that we have.

Ki Science’s Cistus Incanus has particular potency as a selective pathogenic biofilm breaker (leaving good biofilms intact and promoting symbiosis for our microbiota), whilst possessing brilliant anti-lyme, anti-retroviral, anti-yeast and anti-mold properties.  Drinking Cistus tea prevents tick bites, and is perhaps the most important tea for today’s ills.

Whilst already superb on its own, it can be potentiated with whole leaf stevia rebaudiana extract and cistus incanus extract (tinctures) – to capture more fat soluble compounds.  Once brought to a boil, continue boiling for 5 minutes before serving.  Cistus tea can be brewed two more times to continue releasing different plant compounds – fully capturing all its benefits and healing properties.


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