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Ki RetroV Tincture is a complete, thoroughly researched and potent anti-retroviral herbal formula that’s ideally used in a protocol/regime.  The presence of HERVs (Human Endogenous Retroviruses) and retroviral exposure from vaccines are a huge but widely neglected aspect of treating challenging and chronic disease.

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Ki RetroV powder contains herbs researched and proven to have potent anti-retroviral activity with a focus on Skullcap root (Scutellaria Baicalensis), comprising 50% of the formula – as Baicalin has particular effectiveness against retroviruses. The remaining herbs include Bitter Melon, Reishi Mushroom, Lomatium Root, Green Tea, Ortica Diolica (Stinging Nettle), Olive Leaf Extract, Whole Leaf Stevia Rebaudiana, Saffron.

It contains more of the full spectrum benefits but should ideally be combined with Ki RetroV tincture for more potency (requiring less tincture to do much more) – and Broccoli Synergy Powders for a more complete anti-retroviral round up.



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