Polmolo is probably the most relevant detoxifier today, as Aluminum has become the most pervasive environmental and dietary toxin.  From geo-engineering chemtrails to vaccines to pretty much most of our foods - Aluminum has sneaked into our bodies at dangerous levels.

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Ingredients: Bio-alcohol, Water, Enula Root, Coriandolo Plant and Seeds, Bardana Root, Equiseto.

This herbal mix of high silica herbs might be the most important medicine for our time. It appears, that we are intentionally or “accidentally” poisoned with aluminium nanoparticles (air), which accumulate both in the lung and in the brain. This herbal mixture and its proportions were composed after doing years of testing on patients, getting advice from the world’s leading herbalists and toxicologists and more. As long as there are non-dissolving cirrus clouds in the sky, or visible slowly dissipating streaks in the sky, you can assume that you are poisoned with aluminium, barium, titanium, silver and glyphosate. Nano particles of aluminium, when inhaled, are one of the most neurotoxic poisons, against which we have no defences. This herbal mix will help reduce your body burden, best when combined with the ionic footbath.

Suggested Use: 2 droppers 3-4 times per day


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