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Renolo is a clinically tested formula for kidney detoxification and robustly restoring kidney function comprising of bear garlic and other herbals including stinging nettle, cistus incanus, ribes nigrum, solidago, and horsetail.

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Renolo is a clinically tested formula for kidney detoxification and restoring kidney function, which can be tested monitoring serum cystatin C levels.  Renolo contains bear garlic aka wild garlic, known since the Germanic tribes roamed the European planes.  They used it in April, the only time when it can be harvested, to cleanse their system of parasites, to recover from severe winters, gain strength, clean out toxins, poisons and microbes.

Similar to garlic, bear garlic has huge effects for a wide spectrum of issues.  However, the bear garlic in Renolo is prepared in a specific way to have less allin, but much greater content of detoxifying compounds, many of which has effects primarily in the kidneys.  Many people who have issues with toxicity and infections find that their detoxification pathways are blocked to a certain extent, which means that their kidneys have also been taking a huge load and obviously very taxed, inflamed, or even damaged to a certain extent.  Regular kidney function tests based on serum creatinine do not give a clear picture as only when kidney function is compromised enough would creatinine levels start to really reflect that (can’t detect it any earlier).  Some people with lower back pain actually have blocked kidneys and before considering anything drastic like disk surgery, do consider a sensible kidney detoxification regime with the use of Renolo being central.

Take 2 pipettes 3-4 times/day, best in a cup of clean water


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