Despike contains Masson Pine Needle (the species shown to have the highest anti spike protein bioactive content) extract and Taraxacum extract from Ki Science (also specially selected and tested for its ability to prevent spike protein to inner lining of endothelium) delivered in liposomal format.

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Given how widely spiked the population is, and that these spike residues have been detected in waste water, on parcels for delivery and more – it may very well be essential to have in hand remedies to protect against excessive exposure.  It is after all shown in studies such as that by the Salk Institute (below) that the spike protein is responsible for the virulence and endothelial damage typical of symptomatic infection.

The novel coronavirus’ spike protein plays additional key role in illness

Despike is the synergistic combination of 2 very effective herbal extracts against the spike protein issue plaguing many people.

1) Firstly, we mix triple distilled water (finished and stored in amber glass bottles) with certified organic, FCC food grade, sugarcane alcohol.

2) We use this menstruum to extract Masson Pine needles sourced from the pristine, untainted Changbai Mountains (strictly controlled and regulated are with limited vehicle access).  Masson Pine has been shown amongst other species of Pine to yield the highest targeted bioactive content of shikimic acid demonstrated to be effective against the effects of spike protein induced reactions and cascades.

3) We combine this extract with the painstakingly sourced and tested form of Taraxacum/Dandelion extract (from both the roots and leaves) from Ki Science.

4) We turn this mixture into a liquid liposomal product with an ultrasonic device and adding German, injectable-grade nanoliposomes by Quicksilver Scientific (Micellized Pure PC).

– Take 1 dropper twice daily for maintenance and protection.

– Treatment doses will be as needed or 2 droppers thrice daily.

Caution: Anyone trying to get pregnant or are already pregnant should avoid pine needle.


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