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Sweet Stevie contains a high quality, whole leaf Stevia Rebaudiana extract that not just adds sweetness, but also, potent anti-microbial properties. It was shown in a study on the most persistent form of Lyme to outperform triple antibiotic therapy!

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Ki Science’s Sweet Stevie uses whole leaf Stevia Rebaudiana – not the regular extract or “white powdered sweetener” sold in health food stores.  Apart from being a non-sugar and healthy, natural sweetener, stevia has many unique but less purported healing properties.  Amongst one of the most remarkable was an in-vitro study on the persistent form of Lyme.  Stevia outperformed the latest triple-antibiotic combination in that study!  This speaks volumes of its potential as an anti-microbial but also – as a synergistic addition to herbals that may not taste as desirable.  Sweet Stevie is a must in any Lyme targeted protocol – it has helped make many potent medicines and herbals palatable.


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