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Blue Butterfly Pea is a special blue flower that is also known as Anchan in Thailand.  It is a wild climbing vine that produces beautiful bright flowers resembling the shape of the female genitalia, hence its botanical name “Clitoria Ternatea”.  It is magical to the body just as it is magical to look at.

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Blue Butterfly

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Blue Butterfly Pea is a special blue flower that is also known as Anchan in Thailand.  It is a wild climbing vine that produces beautiful bright blue flowers resembling the shape of the female genitalia, hence its botanic name “Clitoria Ternatea.”  It has long been revered for its medicinal and decorative properties, and provides us with a food pigment colour not found in virtually all foods.  There is a whole science and theory backing the health effects of food pigments that are classified into a few major color categories – each with its primary set of unique benefits.  This correlates a lot to ancient wisdom and traditional medicine systems.

It thus comes as no surprise that apart from its culinary and cocktail-fixing uses, Blue Butterfly Pea has been used in Ayurveda as well as traditional Asian and Middle Eastern medicine – with its health benefits now increasingly supported by scientific research today.

Blue Butterfly Pea Benefits

There are many benefits associated with Blue Butterfly Pea as follows:

  • Brain Health – Blue Butterfly Pea has had a long history of use in Ayurveda for improving memory and mental power (through increased acetylcholine production at hippocampus), and preventing mental burnout.  It was also shown to heighten intelligence.
  • Calming – Blue Butterfly Pea induces calm, reduces stress, anxiety, even depression, and relaxes smooth vascular muscle aiding blood flow.  Can be used to treat delirium, hysteria, epilepsy and even children bed wetting!
  • Female Health – Prevents excessive menstruation, reproductive disorders, as well as leucorrhoea (white vaginal discharge).  Has marked aphrodisiac properties especially for females.
  • Beauty – Stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis in skin; promotes hair growth, thickening, and reduce greying
  • Eye Health – Increases blood flow to the eye capillaries, helps prevent cataracts and glaucoma, correct blurred vision, and reverse retinal damage as well as soothe inflamed and tearing eyes
  • Pain Relief – It is so effective that it is used as a local anesthetic and alleviates swelling.  It is used as nasal drops in cases of headaches
  • Diuretic – Helps to kidneys to cleanse and toxin elimination by promoting excretion of water through urination, which decreases blood volume and lowers high blood pressure.
  • Anti-Inflammation, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fever, Anti-Diabetic, Anti-Asthmatic, Anti-Cancer, Anti-Tumour, Anti-Ulcer
  • Helps Thyroid Problems

Why is Our Blue Butterfly Pea Powder Superior?

Even if you can get your hands on this relatively rare tea, it is typically available as dried tea leaves with flowers.   Most people brew it and discard the leaves and flowers, missing out on so many key compounds!

Our Blue Butterfly Pea powder is so easily extracted, simply stirring into cold and even ice water will very adequately extract it, not forgetting we highly encourage swallowing the rest of the powder too for maximum effect!

Here is the process we use for our Blue Butterfly Pea:

  • Whilst hand-picking the Blue Butterfly Pea, unsuitable portions will be removed before bringing back to the factory to be laid for a final check i.e. only the most bioactive components are being selected for processing.
  • It will then be washed in a tumbling machine with pure reverse osmosis water with ozone, thereby removing all forms of harmful bacteria, dehydrogenating enzymes, E. Coli, viruses and pathogens without leaving behind any byproducts attached to the Blue Butterfly Pea.
  • The Blue Butterfly Pea is then put through a vortex freeze-drying process where the raw material is constantly moving in a spin-like manner – encouraging a lot of movement to expose greater surface area and result in quicker sublimination and drying.
  • This process “grinds” the product in low temperature conditions unlike in traditional freeze-drying methods which are mechanically ground after drying which still produces heat due to friction (as this is a static and non-kinetic process).  These traditional grinds produce flat surfaces and sharp corners that are not the best for assimilation and uptake by the body.  Our process results in very fine grind that has a porous structure with higher surface area.
  • This allows complete elimination of moisture with no heat used, nothing added or extracted – hence you get the whole product as nature intended with its freshness, potency, and properties fully retained.  The elimination of moisture is so thorough that the powder remains “dry” for a very long time, even in very humid conditions.
  • This vortex freeze-drying process also ensures the Blue Butterfly Pea is ground along natural cellular fracture-lines, sustaining cellular integrity and retaining extracellular contents i.e. the natural secretions of Blue Butterfly Pea, retaining as close to the original cellular/molecular structure of the whole herb as possible – and hence, retaining the full divine wisdom of mother nature.

The resulting powder is vacuum sealed to be transported for packing and broken open just prior to packing.  A simple taste and smell test would instantly prove the freshness and potency superiority!

Just a tiny pinch provides such a deep colour and hence our powder is very concentrated, and very value-for-money!



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