The Story Behind Root of Life

In 2006, I began to suffer from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and impaired immunity. The compounded effects were so overwhelming that I had no choice but to live a very compromised life when my peers were just starting to “enjoy” their youth and adulthood. This led to depression and dark thoughts about suicide.

It was amidst this darkness that I knew my body, mind and spirit was on a complete downward spiral – and it wouldn’t be long before I lost my sanity. The ramifications were very unthinkable. At this turning point, I was jolted from my self-sabotaging stupor, and a sudden impetus to embark on a journey of empowerment engulfed me.

This led me to dig really deep, questioning everything, trying “everything”, and also validating everything I had learnt. Following health food diets to the “T” and the “S”; stuffing stuff up my arse; “sweeping away” negative energy with my palms; “accessing” my past “lives” – you name it, I’ve either tried it, or know someone who’s done it!

This was where I discovered that the internet, whilst an amazing and convenient tool, can be a very bad source of information if one is not informed and unable to exercise “sharp discernment”.

In 2009, I had overcome my health problems physically. But that was really just a new beginning. The inescapable epiphany I had was:

So much unnecessary suffering in this world could have been prevented if only people were empowered with the truths that were always there in front of us, but had unfortunately become so evasive and unobvious today.

11 years on, I know, with every cell in my being, that this is the time, more than ever before, to “come out” and play a part in this inevitable shift that we all have to make eventually. Medicine is dead. Food is dead. The system is broken. And we are breaking and dying. But all that is about to change.

This is the mission of Root of Life: to restore the truths that enable us to have a healthy body, a healthy mind, and healthy spirit. We also seek to promote healthy living through conscious and effective health products.


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