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We believe that good health is the foundation for living life uninhibited. We also believe that everyone has a right to good health. However, our health is often taken for granted until it is taken from us. And when that happens, things often go downhill unless we are lucky enough. At Root of Life, we offer rigorously tested nutritional products that help to tip the odds in your favour so you can reclaim and maintain good health. We also seek to share reliable and pertinent information to help you make clearer, better health decisions in this overcrowding and confusing media jungle we are enmeshed in.

In 2006, I began to suffer from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and impaired immunity (constant viral and infectious attacks). The compounded effects were so overwhelming that I had no choice but to live a very compromised life when my peers were just starting to “enjoy” their youth and adulthood.

This had a very negative impact on my mental and emotional well-being, and was a strain on my family, relationship and work (or rather, ability to even work).

It subsequently led to depression and dark thoughts about suicide.

Everything in my life then seemed hopeless.  I had spent so much of my money on doctors (conventional, allopathic medicine) which didn’t have a clue what my problems were.  There was no prognosis or diagnosis, and my very active, sporty life soon gave way to a very gloomy one marked only by doctor visits.  All in the hope that things would get better.

But they didn’t.

And then I remembered that night.

That night where I was staring down through the grilles.  Contemplating how it would be like.  Wondering if there would be any pain.

And then, a sudden realisation jolted me – and I was shocked that while such thoughts and “seeds” have been planted a number of times, I was so consumed by hopelessness and darkness in that moment that I actually felt very compelled to act on that impulse.

It was very scary indeed – it was nothing like me.  And I could have very easily given in to that though.

That was when I realised that I had to take control and do everything I could for my own healing and good.  I couldn’t afford to stay restless and unoccupied to engage in such dark inner chatter any longer.

My journey of hope and empowerment began.  And my journey of healing soon followed.

This led me to dig really deep, constantly questioning, trying whatever made sense, and also validating everything I had learnt.  Following health food diets to the “T” and the “S”; stuffing stuff up my arse; “sweeping away” negative energy with my palms; “accessing” my past “lives” – you name it, I’ve either tried it, or know someone who’s done it!

This was where I discovered that the internet, whilst an amazing and convenient tool, can be a very bad source of information if one is not informed and unable to exercise “sharp discernment”.

In 2009, I had overcome my health problems physically. But that was really just a new beginning. The inescapable epiphany I had was:

So much unnecessary suffering in this world could have been prevented if only people were empowered with the truths that were always there in front of us, but had unfortunately become so evasive and unobvious today.
11 years on, I know, with every cell in my being, that this is the time, more than ever before, to “come out” and play a part in this inevitable shift that we all have to make eventually. Modern medicine is dead. Food is dead. The system is broken. And we are breaking.

But all that will change.

More and more genuine change-makers are emerging – not just because they are amazing, but because they have a burning desire to get the message out.

So much can be done to heal – if only people knew that there are other ways apart from conventional medicine.

This is the inspiration behind Root of Life: to restore the truths that enable us to have a healthy body, a healthy mind, and healthy spirit.

Collateral to this mission, since 2009, we have also been researching together with conscious practitioners and like-minded people on many products and protocols to learn what works and the mechanisms behind how they work.  It required a lot of testing, a lot of “chopping and changing”, a lot of time and investment, a lot of learning and education.

This is because there is too much crap out there in the area of nutritional supplements.  It is in fact pretty common to find a product claiming to have a particular ingredient without it existing in the product at all.  It is also easy to find a product with many botanicals and food sourced ingredients contaminated with biologically risky levels of toxins.  And too many producers simply do not understand the mechanisms and kinetics of their products – that it has given the industry a very bad name and an impression that it cannot actually deliver the healing that people are looking for.

Root of Life was thus also conceived to bring what we have tested to be superior to the marketplace.  A lot of research which we can validate goes on behind the selection of such products – and we are constantly adding more gamechangers to our array of products and services.

We hope that Root of Life can offer you empowerment to heal and achieve health breakthroughs so that you will be able to live life uninhibited.


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